Get Ready to Sail

//Get Ready to Sail

Get Ready to Sail

Much is happening in the world today. Confrontations between countries, multiple major storms, solar flares with coronal mass ejections headed our way, raging fires, morphing economies and much more. Our world is changing. It’s not all doom and gloom. People are helping each other, seeing through the facades of stories we’ve been told, taking action to improve our world. We’ve got this. We will be ok.

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Over the past years I'm coming to know what I am here to do. In the main it is to serve those who serve others. I am a nurturer of dreams. My dreams come true when I help other realize theirs.


  1. Maryann September 7, 2017 at 5:04 am - Reply

    I can’t say how happy I am to see this site! Now, do you remember what the Pleiadians said to you in your August reading?
    “‘I am a creator of realities, and life has efficiently initiated combustion of the old to lead to fusion within the new.’… What we suggest is to foster an inner state of grace in everything that you do, so that when the time arrives for you to opt out of one reality and turn your sails into a new direction, that you are able to feel the nobility and the gratitude within toward your great generous heart to have lived in the line of service in the particular ways you have done. A reverential bow to that, we ask you to make, and a sharp salute to what you see in your reflection as honor and integrity displayed throughout the thread thus far woven. Now, sailor, do you sense a new scent in the wind? Follow it home a little while. It won’t be long before a new current carries you to shores where satisfaction is as sure as the sunrise.”

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