Lots of ideas and feelings have been swirling in my head for some months.  Clarity is coming around next steps.

For some time I’ve known what I believe is my core purpose here during this life. I’m meant to be a Nurturer of Dreams. Primarily through being of aid to others in realizing their dreams. And in doing that, I receive what I seek. A good energy exchange.

Being a Nurturer of Dreams is a pretty broad area so it will benefit from some focus. I’m guided towards the alchemy available by combining the elements of artists who offer healing through their art, technology leverage to allow the artists to more easily bring their work to a wider audience – perhaps through use of augmented reality tools, and the use of blockchain technologies to ease the commercial friction across the community of players supporting these activities. This is a challenging blend to amalgamate! Mixing the individual inspirational elements at the heart of the work of the artists with the more definitive requirements of technology and then communicating that effectively to the widely varied perceptions of an audience will be a definite challenge. But if it was easy it wouldn’t be fun!

The endpoint of the vision is what I am trying to keep in focus. Towards that I see an invigorating gathering of folks several times a year in varied beautiful locales around the world to celebrate together the challenges faced and successes achieved as they’ve realized their heartfelt dreams. With connections and collaborations spinning out of these gatherings to keep moving the spiral higher and higher. There is recognition, respect, honoring, and most important, love, for all that has been accomplished by those who have strived together to make a positive impact on themselves and those around them. Focusing on the endpoint vision is most important. Yes there will be hard work to make it happen but keeping that endpoint vision in mind will help guide us through the twists and turns along the journey. Most importantly, it provides the Universe with maximum optionality in helping make available the wide array of opportunities and connections that lead to manifestation of the desired outcome. Pretty cool!

Keeping the endpoint vision in mind is key. Putting all of one’s energy and attention on what Mike Dooley calls the ‘cursed hows’ tends to limit the options the Universe can employ to make things happen. If your intention has already scripted how things must happen it results in limitations and can make make achievement a much harder path. Now, that doesn’t mean one can sit back and just imagine the endpoint vision and it will magically manifest. It won’t. Visualization is a very powerful technique and should definitely be employed, yet it needs to have a chance to manifest and that happens through taking action. By beginning. By starting down the path and then seeing where things go and the intuiting and grasping the opportunities that are presented and the helpers that appear as if by magic at just the right time and with the right resources, skills, and connections that allow things to pretty easily fall into place. Is it all a cakewalk? Of course not. Lots of learning and skinned knees and such. But neither need it be overwhelming or unachievable when approached in accordance with the fundamentals of how the Universe works.

And so I’ve begun the first steps along this path. Foundation outlines have been laid. A small company formed. Early connections with others made and more in the works. Early activities planned and more in the works. It’s gonna be a hoot!

While this blog will remain a place for my personal musings and sharing, I’m also creating other sites intended to serve and support the broader endpoint vision. I’ll share more about that in the future. And all of this is getting started while I keep about my day job…but at some point it’s likely a transition will occur and I put the full focus of my energies here. I’ll let the Universe tell me when the time is right for that change. Excited to get started and to be connected to others whom I can help realize their dreams, and through that, realize mine!