Have you had your emotions raging over the past days? Why is that?

We have all felt those raging emotions, to various degrees. The death of George Floyd has been the catalyst for the humanity wide release we are experiencing. Many forces have attached to the catalyst for their own purposes whether that be BLM, Antifa, QAnon, Deep State, Democrats, Republicans, Woke, Sleepers, etc etc.

But allow yourself to move past all of those shouting and demanding this action or that. Past this or that freedom or this or that restraint on individual sovereignty. What underlies all of this?

I believe it is the collective release of the pain of separation. Separation from others. Separation from ourselves and who we truly are as humans. We long to return to our original blueprint. To remember again who we truly are.

We are removing the blocks that have kept us from seeing the world as it has become. Most of us have suffered under the societal conditioning that overlays our world. Conditioning meant to keep us calm and compliant to the will of those who do not have our best interests in mind, only theirs. Fed a masterful illusion so we don’t see reality.

As we remove those blocks and begin to see more clearly we are shocked at what we are finding out. Angry at others for having done what has been done. Angry at ourselves for having let it happen and not seeing it. And many angry at the idea they may have been misled and so they fight hard to pretend it hasn’t happened to them and to maintain the comfortable illusion they wrap themselves in.

But all those falsehoods are crumbling. Truths are being revealed. Sitting on the sidelines and hoping the world goes back to the way it was is no longer an option. All must face up the truth and decide for themselves their future path. Our collective future path. The old comfortable path is disappearing. New choices must be made.

At the core is humanity is no longer willing to accept this continued separation which runs so opposite our human design. So we are exposing it. Throwing it off. We know we must find a different way as the path we have been on is unsustainable and leads to total destruction of our world. We are currently working our way through the anger of what has been as we seek a new way.

Unity and love for all is embedded throughout our human design. Some have become so corrupted they will be unable to find this during their current incarnation. Others are making the shift. And some have already made the shift and are cheering the collective on to happily join them. Yet this is hard to see clearly with the various filters of anger and pain we are regularly provided by those who prefer the status quo.

Now is a good time to step back and examine for yourself what is happening in your life. Decide for yourself. Don’t let others decide for you. If you can let yourself hold a higher view of things it may help in dealing with the pain, now being expressed through anger in many modes. Attempts to suppress the anger itself will not be helpful, although suppressing the violence that comes from that anger is very beneficial individually and collectively. Let those emotions of exquisite pain flow and release them. Only then can we move into designing a new world and way of living for ourselves that aligns with our true human design. Kinda excited to see what we’ll create!

What a time to be alive and to be able to shape the future direction of humanity. Ain’t life grand!