The collapse, and the rebuilding, of our world is accelerating.

The ongoing collapse is evident when we look around. For many the chaos is scary. How to make sense of it?

Yet a rebuilding is also occurring, oft unseen by most. Most attention is given to the collapse. There is an ongoing war between those fighting to retain their dominance and control against that small (and rapidly growing!) group who are freeing themselves, bringing to light the longstanding dark corruption, and setting the examples for others on how to recognize and accept their own sovereignty. Attention is beginning to shift towards the rebuilding. Slow now, but accelerating. And before long we will get to the knee of the curve and see and experience the exponential shift in rebuilding. That too will be scary as we find our collective way to doing things in the new ways, ways as old as ‘time’. The ways we are meant to live and help each other.

We see these collapse/rebuilding aspects in the bigger world. And we are also experiencing them in the personal aspects of our lives. It’s all the same. It’s everywhere. The time of unstoppable change is upon us whether we want it or not. I most certainly embrace it.

We all have a role to play here. Mine is to focus on the rebuilding. While watching the movie of collapse and the actors playing their roles, yet not being unduly distracted by it or frozen in fear from taking action. Our entire world is being recreated and there is much, much to do.

We’ll each be drawn to certain things. No one person can comprehend the entirety of all the myriad details across all aspects. We’re having to learn to discern who we can truly trust and work with to rebuild our society in a new way that serves humanity. The time of authority figures telling us what to think and do is passing. Personal discernment, self responsibility and sovereignty within a coherent heart-centered society is what we are in transition towards.

My particular area of focus, and a massive task unto itself, is to rebuild the ways in which independent films are created, produced and shared. Although it was not something I had consciously planned, in the past few years I’ve found myself entrained in making independent films. It’s been a wonderful, scary, exciting experience. I will continue my deep engagement and support in bringing independent films to audiences, with the Lightship Film being a current focus. The genius of AND, not the tyranny of OR.

And while doing that I’m beginning the expansion of my work towards the rebuilding task. All the pieces work together.

The power of art is massive. It communicates to us in ways we struggle to understand. Yet the messages art conveys comes through in authenticity and truth. This is a truth for art in its many forms. In particular, films have a reach to others not available yet in other art forms.

Since their inception, films have been used to share ideas and stimulate thinking. And then the Hollywood-led use as carefully disguised, feel-good propaganda came to dominate. Independent film-makers have been choked nearly to death as uncontrolled ideas not fitting the propaganda message are not to be tolerated. Sure there is the odd homage to indie films, but that’s just twisted as a means of pretense so the dominance of the propaganda messages are not recognized by the masses.

Indie films exist on life-support to justify the Hollywood-type propaganda used to shape your thinking, while keeping people asleep to the realities of all the fuckery going on across society. By design.

Yet now, people are awakening. Still early days but getting close, very close, to that knee point on the curve where it shoots up exponentially. And with that will come a total collapse of the Hwood ways. The Hwood collapse has already started. Dark secrets of Hwood elites are being exposed and that will accelerate. Attention is fading. The Indies will be given air to breathe. It will then be up to them to raise themselves up, no one is going to save them. Self-responsiblity will take root and things will grow. Or not.

Helping the Indies to success is becoming a major focus for me, while not dropping the ball on other things and other people in my life I’m deeply engaged in. The macro and the micro. It is a massive task and only by working with others who are operating from an intent to embody the principles of a world we want to live in together will we be able to create and sustain a new way.

Well, what exactly is that new way? Short answer is it is currently unknowable. But it is discoverable.

In the past month I dove deeply into the terrific works communicated by Rebel Wisdom. Their interviews with Daniel Schmachtenberger and Jordan Hall were especially eye-opening to me. They share some deep intellectual thinking on the massive changes ongoing in our world and ways we might use to create the new, better world we want. Not an easy thing at all. But worthwhile. In fact, required.

While I find that information very helpful in better understanding, no one really has maps of just how to do it. And while I do enjoy the intellectual stimulus and find it helpful, I am a doer. I want to create and build these new ways. So I must find and connect with others and trail-blaze our way to the new. And share our journeys with others, the things that worked and things that did not work. And the process will repeat and refine for our collective benefit. There will not be one way. The nuances and myriad of details involved in transitioning the old ways in one area to the new will not be appropriate for another. So lots of room for creativity and discovery.

Finding others who want to walk the same path as me in rebuilding a new way for indie film making to thrive is where I’m at now. Finding others is first, followed quickly by discerning who is truly ready to move together in coherence to create this new way is next. This morning I was lead to a discussion between Martin Geddes and Tiffany FitzHenry. I’ve been following Martin’s work for some time but only yesterday found Tiffany’s work. The discussion between them is quite deep and resonated strongly with me. In learning more about Tiffany I discovered that she is also working to create a studio and content delivery network that will allow film-makers the freedom to produce their art without the corrupting influences of the Hwood system. Well, that sure seem to fit with what I’m striving for. Possible synergies? Time to find out. And find others too.

For the past five years I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery of who I am and what I’m meant to do in this world. I’ve posted it about it along the way in my¬†blog. I’ve not done much in advancing the concepts with a broad audience. Instead it has all been gestating in the egg of comfort I share with a few other good souls. We’ve all been growing ourselves for our unique yet connected journeys.

I’m now feeling the time is right, and I’m ready (enough) to begin the next phase. Many pieces have been created along the way including film work, forming three companies as vehicles to support the work, finding a next generation technology (Holochain) that can be a technology backbone for sharing the art that results and maintaining personal sovereignty and control over ones creations, my personal life moving into a condition that allows focus on the work while simultaneously strengthening family bonds, a myriad of health improvements and healings, and co-creating a small but growing network of people I resonate with and are authentic and true.

Don’t know where it will all lead nor how. The time to act is now. Our old world is collapsing and a new design is desperately needed PDQ. We must learn to exist in the old collapsing word of today and also create the new better world we hunger for, no easy thing. Yet it is the journey is where all the magic happens!