Changing and finding

These pages are for connecting with others. We are all connected and we touch each other in ways we oft don’t appreciate. Sharing here is about ideas, meanings, musings, humor, challenges faced, and how we help each other. There are things you’ll find here that will be of help to you and to others you love. You matter. We matter to each other.

Changing  – that is occurring now in ourselves and hence is being reflected in the changes that are occurring in our world. Where these changes are leading us.

Finding  – one’s self. Other selves. The Inner. The Outer. Self-love. Love. Peace. Understanding. Acceptance. Being. Doing. Connection. Community. Wholeness. Balance. Uniqueness. Oneness. And things of a practical nature in our lives. And things that help us understand who and why we are.

What will be explored? Perhaps starting with self exploration and growth, changes in our world, the work of artists and how they can impact how we view ourselves and our world, consciousness, a bit on things of a blockchain nature and the changes it is bringing to our world. In short, it will be about changing and finding. Bringing context to what is going on and glimmers of why. As we swim to the light.

Life is not all sweetness and light. The darker aspects of ourselves serve to make contrast and help us understand ourselves more fully. We may delve into both a bit.

What’s shared here will evolve, as things do. Of course. And oh yeah, a spicy dash of irreverent humor now and again! Gotta laugh and enjoy life.

Over the past years I’m coming to know what I am here to do. In the main it is to serve those who serve others. I am a nurturer of dreams. My dreams come true when I help other realize theirs.

I’ve learned I’m pulled to help as I can artists, healers, and those from myriad walks of life, who hold space for and bring energy to making the world a better place. Those pursuing their dreams. Those healing themselves. Those serving others. Many ways that happens. These are the ones where I’ve found I have the greatest resonance and I’m guided to help if I can. The form of interaction is unique to each situation, of course. This done in balance with the other aspects of my life, a few at a time. When it is right.

And it seems to be making a positive and meaningful difference for those I am connected too, and for me too. That is a good thing, and so I continue.