Ready To Play?

The collapse, and the rebuilding, of our world is accelerating. The ongoing collapse is evident when we look around. For many the chaos is scary. How to make sense of it? Yet a rebuilding is also occurring, oft unseen by most. Most attention is given to the collapse. There is an ongoing war between those fighting to retain their dominance and control against that small (and rapidly growing!) group who are freeing themselves, bringing to [...]

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The Black Iron Prison

Stroke. Rest. Stroke. Rest. Stroke.... This seems to be a pattern for me. And unsurprisingly it is a fractal of the way the Universe works. An idea comes and one decides to move on it, a bunch of furious activity, and then it is on its way and things quiet down. For awhile. And then the cycle repeats. Endlessly. It is with the rest phase many of us have our biggest challenges. Our mind jumps [...]

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Go ahead and jump!

At some point in our lives we come to those moments when we have to decide. Big decisions, with life-changing implications. Are you in or are you out. Stop or go. Hold 'em or fold 'em. I had one of these moments at the very end of last year.And when that time comes our minds mercilessly mess with us. We been conditioned to weight the fear far more heavily than the potential upsides. And the [...]

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The Path Unfolds

It's been awhile since I've posted here, and I have much to share. Much change and transformation has been happening in my life, all for the good. As events have unfolded more clarity has come to me on my mission. Things are working out differently than I perhaps thought they might. By focusing on the end goals rather than the details of how things happen, the Universe has had the freedom to help me manifest [...]

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Creation Time!

Getting moving again after some downtime. Since retiring from a 'day job' career in November I've had more time to reflect on the path I'm walking. And one of the first things I decided was to take some time and turn the burner down to a low simmer on some of the actions I've have in mind. I felt the need to give myself time to unwind and decompress a bit from a workday world. [...]

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Where the path is leading…

Lots of ideas and feelings have been swirling in my head for some months.  Clarity is coming around next steps. For some time I've known what I believe is my core purpose here during this life. I'm meant to be a Nurturer of Dreams. Primarily through being of aid to others in realizing their dreams. And in doing that, I receive what I seek. A good energy exchange. Being a Nurturer of Dreams is a [...]

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Swim To The Light

It was time. When it happened I just knew. Not the beginning. And not the end. But important for me. For moving. For continuing. For freeing myself from what I've carried. Not all of it, but a good start. And maybe somethings for you. To help you too become free. It happened during a mid-August week. I knew that week was going to be significant, but not what would or would not happen. It didn't [...]

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