Time of the New Dance

'The future seems like the end of the world. It is not.' This is one of the key messages delivered in the film Lightships. Worth reflecting on. Yes there is much chaos rampant these days. It is crumbling of the old systems making way for the new. Our old world has run its course and for humanity to continue to grow and develop requires new ways. We struggle collectively with the loss of the old [...]

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On The Knife’s Edge of a Rose

You feel it don't you? The rapidly rising chaos in the world. Governments telling people what to do, but for reasons that in many cases don't make sense and just don't feel right. More people are thinking for themselves, rejecting the false pablum they are offered, rising up and pushing back against their loss of their individual and collective sovereignty. Media outlets beating the drum for compliance with what they want you to do. Pandemics, [...]

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The End of Rulers

You are transforming. Sorry if it is not something you consciously asked for. But change is coming and nothing can stop it. It will be rough in spots, and then glorious. Not everyone will make the transformation now. Of course you are going to believe what you want to believe and may not believe this. Time will tell if you are right in not believing, but I don't think so. Not at all. The end [...]

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New Operating System Being Installed

Feeling apprehensive? Uncertain of the future? Wondering just WTF is going on in the world? Perfectly understandable. Actually it is required. The friction and conflict we are all feeling is a big part of moving us into what is to come. Long in place systems of doing things are collapsing. They must collapse to make way for the new. While signs of the collapse are there to see, much more is coming. Much more. Collapse [...]

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Exquisite Pain

Have you had your emotions raging over the past days? Why is that? We have all felt those raging emotions, to various degrees. The death of George Floyd has been the catalyst for the humanity wide release we are experiencing. Many forces have attached to the catalyst for their own purposes whether that be BLM, Antifa, QAnon, Deep State, Democrats, Republicans, Woke, Sleepers, etc etc. But allow yourself to move past all of those shouting [...]

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It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

And I feel fine. (Thank you R.E.M.) What an amazing time we've all chosen to experience! We're getting to the good parts of this movie. Plot twists abound ahead. OMG moments yet to reveal themselves. Life ain't boring these days. All the concerns and fears. CV19, elections (nothing to see here, move along), gov't transformations, people uprising for what is right, societal restructuring, pedo-worlds being cleaned up, personal relationships morphing, deaths of loved ones, and [...]

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LIGHTSHIPS | Official Trailer | GHRL | F00lishPe0ple

No doctors. No nurses. Only the Facility. And treatment. From John Harrigan, the visionary writer and director of ‘Armageddon Gospels', ‘Lightships’ is a hypnotic, hallucinogenic tale of contact. Eve’s family is missing: her journal holds the key to locating them. As her world and reality begin to unravel, she must unlock the mystery of the visions and transmissions she is experiencing. Is she a prisoner, a patient... or dead? Written and Directed by John Harrigan [...]

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Ready To Play?

The collapse, and the rebuilding, of our world is accelerating. The ongoing collapse is evident when we look around. For many the chaos is scary. How to make sense of it? Yet a rebuilding is also occurring, oft unseen by most. Most attention is given to the collapse. There is an ongoing war between those fighting to retain their dominance and control against that small (and rapidly growing!) group who are freeing themselves, bringing to [...]

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The Black Iron Prison

Stroke. Rest. Stroke. Rest. Stroke.... This seems to be a pattern for me. And unsurprisingly it is a fractal of the way the Universe works. An idea comes and one decides to move on it, a bunch of furious activity, and then it is on its way and things quiet down. For awhile. And then the cycle repeats. Endlessly. It is with the rest phase many of us have our biggest challenges. Our mind jumps [...]

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Go ahead and jump!

At some point in our lives we come to those moments when we have to decide. Big decisions, with life-changing implications. Are you in or are you out. Stop or go. Hold 'em or fold 'em. I had one of these moments at the very end of last year.And when that time comes our minds mercilessly mess with us. We been conditioned to weight the fear far more heavily than the potential upsides. And the [...]

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