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Ready To Play?

The collapse, and the rebuilding, of our world is accelerating. The ongoing collapse is evident when we look around. For many the chaos is scary. How to make sense of it? Yet a rebuilding is also occurring, oft unseen by most. Most attention is given to the collapse. There is an ongoing war between those fighting to retain their dominance and control against that small (and rapidly growing!) group who are freeing themselves, bringing to [...]

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The Black Iron Prison

Stroke. Rest. Stroke. Rest. Stroke.... This seems to be a pattern for me. And unsurprisingly it is a fractal of the way the Universe works. An idea comes and one decides to move on it, a bunch of furious activity, and then it is on its way and things quiet down. For awhile. And then the cycle repeats. Endlessly. It is with the rest phase many of us have our biggest challenges. Our mind jumps [...]

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