Stroke. Rest. Stroke. Rest. Stroke….

This seems to be a pattern for me. And unsurprisingly it is a fractal of the way the Universe works. An idea comes and one decides to move on it, a bunch of furious activity, and then it is on its way and things quiet down. For awhile. And then the cycle repeats. Endlessly.

It is with the rest phase many of us have our biggest challenges. Our mind jumps in and tells us rest is bad and we must DO something, pretty much anything, and because we’ve been highly conditioned to listen to what our mind says, because it told us it was smart and doing it’s best for us, off we go chasing whatever. So some shiny object/fad bounces by and we are off chasing that. We don’t really know why but damnit, we’re DOING something and that makes us a winner! In our own mind. And we tell our friends what cool things we are doing and seek their acceptance and enjoy the comforting words they send our way. And yet inside it doesn’t seem to help. At all. So we search for a newer and shinier bouncing ball.

Rest is in fact quite necessary. Learning to rest does come with challenges. How does one decide whether the next thing they are drawn to do is truly right for them and not just another shiny ball attracting attention that their mind wants them to chase?

From bad experiences and reflection I’ve come to a way that works for me in deciding what to do, or not do. I’ve gotten comfortable not knowing what is next and, hardest, being patient on moving until I do. I’ve also come to see that life was shown me things along the way that don’t make sense at the time but later I can clearly see how they fit with the path I’m on. Puzzle pieces start falling in place, often very quickly, and then I can tell, from the inside, what it is the next step for me.

In the past two weeks I’ve gone through one of these lightening-fast series of puzzle pieces falling in place and I now know what I’ll be working on going forward.

Does it mean I need to drop what I’ve been doing. Nope, no way. It very much an extension of those prior things I’ve been working on like the #Lightships film. 

The past few weeks have shown me some work done by others that hugely resonates with me. In a nutshell, the systems and structures in our world are collapsing. We see it every day. So people are confused and angry and no longer know how to make sense of things. Triggered reactions are rampant. We want stability back, those good ole days when we understood our world and our place in it. But that time has passed and we are in the highly uncertain phase as we collectively figure out a new and better way for our world to be. The stability and our sense-making can and will come back once we’ve worked though this very messy transition. A couple of thought provoking discussions on this, and two of the key ones that allowed puzzle pieces to fall into place for me are:

An intro to the Collective Intelligence series.

The other is The War on Sensemaking, an interview with Daniel Schmachtenberger.

The guys over at Rebel Wisdom are doing a terrific job in finding and sharing this information. A heads up, these are very in-depth discussions and have a fair amount of context-specific language so at first it may be off-putting because of these aspects. Yet it is not at all something that most people cannot understand and gain much from. Highly, highly recommended.

After watching, reading, and sitting with the information above, as well as other places I was lead to in exploring this topic, I’ve come to an understanding that makes it clearer for me where I’m heading next. In short, as our world has become increasingly complicated and intertwined we’ve reached a point where the complicated (not complex) systems we’ve used to make sense of things, and to use in deciding what to do, can no longer keep up. They must be replaced. But what to replace them with? It’s too complex for any single human mind to figure out. We have to find a new way. And guess what. At the heart of that new system will be figuring out how to use our internal discernment, in coherence with others who’s interest in doing the right things is not driven by the old ways. Together we must collectively discover and implement a new way.

What is that new way? From my research, no one knows as it’s never been done. Oh but figuring that out, now that feels like a very exciting thing to work on. And all the things I’ve done so far in my life have prepared me to jump in and see what can be done. This is what will be my focus going forward. Not at all dropping what I’ve been doing, as that is a key part of what is to come, but adding to it. Finding new connections. Gaining coherence with connections old and new. Finding a new way that replaces that which is crumbling.

It’s of course unknowable how this will all unfold and where it will take me. But gotta start with a first step. My initial focus will be around gaining ideas for creating a new ecosystem for independent film-makers that allows them to resource, produce and share their art. The magnitude of this effort is not lost on me. Yep, dead-ends, unknowns and obstacles abound. So what. So I begin.

One of the challenges I’m well aware of is finding and connecting with others who not only want to do this work, but have also personally developed themselves to the point they can connect deeply to their inner selves and work in a coherent manner with others. Interestingly, I was shown a bit of writing this week about what famed sci-fi writer (and madman?) Philip K. Dick describes as the Black Iron Prison. Until we recognize these aspects of life we will not be able to move forward in creating a better world for ourselves and others. Yes I understand that for many there will be no interest and a rejection of these concepts. Many have chosen to remain in prison for now and that’s perfectly ok for them. But we should not concede the sense-making for the big decisions yet to come to those who’s minds are imprisoned. If we do, game over, thanks for playing, see you when the next civilization arises. (pssst…spoiler, it does all work out for us).

Time to wrap up. One last thought. This morning I saw a terrific piece from Maryann Rada ‘Nemesis in the Whitehouse:Functions of Six‘. Think that might be about Trump? Oh yeah. And that it isn’t really about him. It’s about us.