It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, and I have much to share. Much change and transformation has been happening in my life, all for the good. As events have unfolded more clarity has come to me on my mission. Things are working out differently than I perhaps thought they might. By focusing on the end goals rather than the details of how things happen, the Universe has had the freedom to help me manifest things in the best way for me rather than my insisting it be done in a particular fashion. This is a big lesson I’ve learned in the past couple of years from the works of Mike Dooley. And it is a core element of many of the teachings from others that I find that resonate with truth for me.

Reflecting this quiet morning of November 11th on some happening this year that have had a hand in leading me forward.

I retired from my day-job in November of 2017. In February of this year I began a journey to explore and experience new places and to allow myself to expand internally. I was graced to be accompanied by my lovely wife Rhonda along with our dear mutual friend Lois. They also gained much from the experience but that is a story left to them to tell as they may. And other dear souls have come along and joined me too. This is just the beginning.

First was a wonderful visit to San Francisco. Glorious on all fronts. Then, while Rhonda and I returned home, Lois journeyed onward to New Zealand and Australia. Part of her travel was to visit family and friends. Importantly she also was performing her one act play Beerey while in New Zealand. This is an important cause for Lois as she ceaselessly fights against an injustice suffered by a family and friends in her local community. While that battle has not yet been won I have complete faith it will be, in no small part to her efforts in focusing energy and attention on it.

Rhonda and I then traveled to Hawaii for two weeks and Lois rejoined us there. Hawaii holds a special place in the hearts of Rhonda and me. We first met there in the mid-70’s when we were both in the Navy and stationed there. We formed a life-long bond then. While we didn’t marry at the time that unbreakable bond between us was formed and recognized. (Probably best I not recount some of the spicy details here!). By 1980 the paths of our lives separated us completely for 18 years as we each had our own lessons to experience. Important lessons for what was to come. And the intertwining of our life paths brought us back together in late 1997 in a most unusual way (the Universe loves a good story!). In 1998 we returned to Hawaii and married. So our visit this year also coincided with our 20th anniversary year.

Then it was on together to Hong Kong for several days (the jet lag as tough on us all). Then we flew to Vietnam and joined up with others on a 10-day riverboat tour of Vietnam and Cambodia. The tour was organized by Mike Dooley and our group (about 100 total) had the entire boat to ourselves. The energy of this group of like-minded souls was amazing and we quite enjoyed it and took away much from the experience in a part of the world and the cultures there that were new to us. And yes, it was hot and sweaty but we made it! The connections made with people on such a group journey are powerful. I intuitively know that a couple of them for me have future significance. While I don’t know how or when I do know they are there and will manifest when the time is right.

After the tour, and some extra days in Angkor Wat, we went on to Singapore for a few days. A big cultural difference from Vietnam and Cambodia. In my work I’d been to Singapore many times. They have quite a story of pulling themselves up by the bootstraps since the 1960’s to become a vibrant place of opportunity and an example of what can be done when people of many cultures come together and pull each and all upward for the common good. And the chili crab!!!!

Then by May 1st back home for in the US for Rhonda and me, and Lois home in the UK. Always good to be home!

What next? What was I going to do for the third act in my life? I had some general ideas of helping people and helping humanity but it had not solidified yet. In 2017 I had formed a small company (Palchemy LLC) that I could use a vehicle to support my efforts and had some ideas about how I might go about it. Yet the ideas I was thinking about never felt quite right. One of the things I’ve learned in the past few years is to listen to my intuition. And that was telling me to be patient and wait and let things happen. So I did.

In June I began being drawn deeply into the works of Maryann Rada. Ninespath is her main site. I had been in occasional communication with Maryann for a couple of years and had followed her work but had not previously taken a deep dive into what she had to share. And then I did. And all of the sudden I saw how so many of the pieces of the puzzle, those events and people that had come into my life, fit together perfectly. I got VERY excited about this. I reached out to Lois as I knew she was also searching herself for what was to be her next ‘thing’ and when I shared with her what I was seeing and feeling it hit her too and clicked into place.

We would make a film/video series of the works of Maryann and share it with the world. This was a big YES for both me and for Lois. So we thought it probably best we raise the idea with Maryann!

This epiphany came to me in early June. I had a trip to the UK already planned for mid-July when Rhonda and I would take our 18 yo granddaughter, Miranda, over and let her experience some international travel. Lois was going to meet up with us and help show us around her neck of the woods. Although Miranda had previously traveled with us internationally she was so young she has at best dim recollections. My thinking was that we would tack on a a few days at the end of the trip and travel to meet Maryann and see what happened and if she was interested in working together. I knew that without Maryann’s willing support I was sniffing down a dead end.

Because of other ongoing events it wasn’t until early July that I was able to raise the idea of a visit with Maryann. When I did she was all for it and it turned out had also been receiving guidance that getting her message out to a much broader segment of the population via film/video was a path she needed to take. But did not at the time know how to make it happen. Synchronicity you say, I think so!

A bit of a seeming side road here but I’ll bring it back together in a bit. While in the UK one morning I was sitting on the couch before others arose and had a very strong intuitive push towards ‘WorkWoo’. This is a concept (but not the name) I had considered from time to time but had not yet felt strongly enough to act on. While I’ve not thought out the details around it, in broad strokes it is the concept that as our world is changing and more people are awakening that businesses that adopt a more consciousness-supporting work environment will serve themselves well while also greatly aiding humanity as a whole. Companies command the resources to make significant positive changes in our world if their efforts are appropriately focused. The Conscious Capitalism movement is but one example of the movement in the business world and I expect the pace, and benefits, of these types of efforts to accelerate. I see in my own metro community that companies are responding and aligning their business strategies around these core concepts. Savage Brands is an excellent example and is lead and filled with a stellar team of heart-centered people whose mission is to help companies do good and recognize that by doing so they help themselves across all business metrics.

And so with my couch-epiphany I did a quick search and found the domain name available and hoovered it up. Because of the other priorities I’m not ready to launch efforts around WorkWoo quite yet but know that it will eventually come when the time is right and the people appear to bring it into reality. I’ve come to learn that I am a farmer of ideas and that when I wait for the right time, and the right people, these ideas then easily grow and flourish. At this point my intuition tells me that while I may cause the effort to be launched it will be others who run with it and I’m completely OK with that. Going to be fun to see what happens with this. (And yes there is another twist coming soon in this story).

Back to the main part of this post. In late July our troupe of Lois, Rhonda, Miranda and me headed off post-UK to visit Maryann and family. We spent a few wonderful days together and at the end decided we would make a film/video series based on Maryann’s work.

Now just how in the hell we would make that happen I had no idea but didn’t let that stop us! Over the past few years as my internal journey of awakening has begun I’ve learned to release fear of being inadequate and embrace trust in my intuition and that when you begin walking a path meant for you that events occur and people appear to help you along the way. I want to give special recognition and acknowledge tremendous gratitude to my friend and counselor and guide in the early part of my journey, Launa Kliever. Through my work with her I got past the blockage I carried that “I’m just a fucking farm kid from Kansas” and accepted and embrace how powerful and in control of our destiny that we all are. She is a gem and I am ever grateful for her gifts to me in helping me see who I truly am.

And I also want to acknowledge my very first guide JD Messinger who ably assisted me in getting started down my path of awakening. Through a confluence of ‘coincidences’ (yeah right!) via JD I came to know Launa, Jessica Faltot, and Dina  DelPreto Ridenour. (Dina is someone with whom I share a strong connection that is yet to manifest in ways unknown…quite looking forward to whatever happens there.) In looking back I see I’ve been aided by many guides and beautiful souls who have come forward at just the right time. Way too many to list in full as this is already a long post but I hold a special place in my heart for each of them. One final mention is the Transients group on FB (now defunct) that was lead by Laron Smith and that brought together a wonderful group of souls that I’m humbled to be among. Laron continues to operate through which you can connect to people like Lorna Wilson (the best QHHT facilitator I’ve experienced, wow!) and sweetheart of the rodeo Linda who operates the magical LindaLand!

And back to the main story…

In August upon returning from our trip and all that occurred I set off in tandem with Lois to create a film production company to produce the film/video series of Maryann’s work. Together we formed GHRL Ltd a UK company.

But how to actually make a film? While Lois had some experience, and I had somehow found myself peripherally involved in some prior film (Desert River) and video works (Life, the Universe and Everything) I was far from knowing the details of what to do. Yet we began, trusting in the Universe to guide us along the way.

In May 2017, Lois had been involved in a serial play in the London area and through her connections I had been introduced to another troupe of players. And through them I became aware of the works of filmmaker John Harrigan and his team at F00lish People. Although I had never met him I strongly felt that John was meant to be instrumental in the work are to do with GHRL. So in August Lois was off to meet with John and inquire about his interest. HUGE success! John gave a quick read to Maryann’s works and was all in. He reshuffled his schedule to be able to work with us.

One of the things we’d planned when meeting with Maryann in July was a multi-week follow up session in Oct/Nov to write a screenplay for the film (not that any of us had ever done that!). With John coming on board in late August he asked if he could write the script (in addition to directing and acting) and with Maryann’s concurrence we gave a resounding YES! John, supported by his wife and actor Lucy, poured himself into it and within three weeks had produced a wonderful script for us all. We still had the trip arranged to meet with Maryann but now the focus of it shifted from writing to filming. We acquired some gear (lights, cameras, lenses, Osmo, etc) for the initial filming and have made arrangements for primary filming to begin in January 2019 in the UK. John has been instrumental in arranging a renowned Director of Photography to shoot the film. John and Lois as Co-Directors have also arranged for a wonderful troupe of actors to play the various roles. This is all coming together with ease and grace and we are on track to have the film/video series available for release in Spring 2019. Importantly, Maryann is continuing to get guidance for her connections and we are listening and incorporating that guidance as we progress. It’s pretty cool to have the Universe helping us in a direct way!

Now back to that side road about WorkWoo. I’m still in France enjoying a few days before heading back home from initial filming. Our time together here with me, Rhonda, Lois, John, Lucy (and their three magical children), Maryann and her family has been beyond any expectations. We’ve visited sacred places and individually and collectively experienced much healing as this ritual has progressed and our team has bonded. Nemesis has come in love to help us and we’ve learned and healed and grown stronger together.

One of the challenges in the film making world is finding the funds to make a film happen and get it successfully distributed so the creative work can be seen by audiences. One morning while in the shower (the place where I receive most of my inspirational ideas…something about the water) it came to me that back in July I had missed the main intent when I thought of WorkWoo. While that is still a very important aspect to be pursued when the time is right, at this now I needed to flip it around. It is to be WooWorks. And that is a company that will help creatives with fund raising and support and help them nurture their dreams into reality. And so within a few days we formed WooWorks LLC (US based) and through it we will support projects from GHRL (and Maryann via GHRL), F00lishPeople, as well as other creative projects that may find their way to us from other sources.

I am finding that my life path has prepared me for the role I’m meant to play in helping these creative endeavors be realized. While there is the creative film/video/play/music/etc aspect of things, there is also a creative aspect to the business side of working through all the details and overcoming the hurdles that often prevent success. And that is where my talents lie. It takes a team to do it. In our case we are all heart-centered individuals and the work we will undertake will always be from that perspective and with intent of authenticity in helping humanity in general. Through the works we support we’ll also be helping unique individuals as they grow along their path and we’ll touch individuals in unique ways meant for them as they experience the results of our efforts.

In the coming months we’ll share more about WooWorks. If you are called to support GHRL Ltd we welcome you to go to our website where you can donate (still a few tweaks going on there).

And finally, I know intuitively that some of you have found your way to read this are meant to become more directly involved in our efforts. Exactly how and when I do not know. If you feel this you can reach out to me directly and we’ll see where we are lead.

Ain’t life grand!

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