This day has been coming for some time. I’ve known it was coming, acted to help bring it into existence, and am thrilled to have it now occur.

Today is the day I complete a fulfilling phase of my life and step with excitement and confidence into the next. After eight years of service in the US Navy on submarines, followed by another thirty-eight years of experience in the commercial world (power generation and oil & gas) my time with the ‘day job’ phase is complete. Guess I’ve been an ‘energy worker’ for most of my life! I’ve enjoyed much and learned a great deal from those experiences and have met people who’s relationships I’ll always treasure. The growth, development, travel, and opportunities I’ve had have been perfect. Even those rare parts that at the time may have felt ‘bad’ were rich with knowledge and growth once past the emotional aspects. I especially treasure those as they bring the deepest learning. I don’t regret one bit of it. It’s all been in preparation for what is to come.

Now it’s time to turn my full energies and focus on those things I came into this life to do. I have definitive plans for and am moving forward in building and leading a network of people who’s purpose in this life is similar to my own. That is to help others. To be a ‘Nurturer of Dreams’ and actively assist others in realizing their dreams. I embrace that this is a non-mainstream activity and many may not fully understand nor appreciate it. That’s OK, we all choose what is right for us at the time. Yet there are now many who do understand and the numbers of people who embrace the underlying concepts of what I am doing continues to grow. A growing population hungers for a different way of living our lives than what the world so frequently has on offer to us. They will be the focus of my activities and ways will be offered for them to change their lives if they choose. Ways for them to realize their dreams.

I’m launching the build out of a website (expected to grow into a small family of sites over time) to support this network of people, their activities and tools to use in helping others, and connections to those who are looking for support in realizing their dreams. A small ecosystem for helping others. I’ve established a small company as a vehicle for assisting with these goals. ┬áIn the future I’ll share more details on progress as more things come into existence.

The astute observer will find that the core concepts underlying these endeavors are that ‘thoughts become things’ combined with principles from ‘sacred economics.’ Certain aspects of metaphysics have much to offer in understanding the truth of how we interact with each other and with our world. These concepts and principles are envisioned to be supported with new technologies (e.g., holochain applications, distributed ledger technologies, augmented reality, etc) as well as new modes of connecting and supporting each other (gifting, etc). Common existing tools and methods (web, social media, F2F meetings, etc) will also be part of the mix. While I have clear ideas at the outset on how this will go I fully recognize that the Universe will connect others into these endeavor along with new ideas that will find their way to me the result of which will be to shape adjustments along the way. I begin with a clear understanding of the end goals in mind but will let the details of how they are achieved morph and adjust. I know that what actually gets built and operated will vary considerably from what I currently envision and that is perfectly OK. I’m focused on the end goals, not the ‘cursed hows’ of how it happens.

I’m incredible excited about this and look forward to putting my energies into it. I will also maintain balance in my life. Time to relax, to invest in my health, to invest in relationships with those dear to me and new friends I meet, to travel, and to live and enjoy life. In the end it is the journey and our interactions with and service to others along the way, not the destination, that brings us joy in our lives. And I’m all about having fun on this wonderful journey!