And I feel fine. (Thank you R.E.M.)

What an amazing time we’ve all chosen to experience! We’re getting to the good parts of this movie. Plot twists abound ahead. OMG moments yet to reveal themselves. Life ain’t boring these days.

All the concerns and fears. CV19, elections (nothing to see here, move along), gov’t transformations, people uprising for what is right, societal restructuring, pedo-worlds being cleaned up, personal relationships morphing, deaths of loved ones, and shifting relationships with work. And with all that, arrival of new lives, new opportunities, movement towards the truth of ourselves, connecting with those we are meant to be with, seeing the wonder and love amidst all the chaos.

Some will choose to react in fear. Urged on by a dying cohort who promote fear and control for their own benefit, not yours. Yet others, many and growing, can now see past the illusion we have been fed for so long and are getting a sense there is something different, something much better, within our reach if we but stretch and open ourselves to a much better way of life. Life via Love, not Fear.

For sure the pace is quickening these days. Expect we have some wild and scary moments ahead. Heart pounding stuff at times. This change is not going to make everyone happy so some will choose to exit the scene. But we’ll collectively make it through. To the new we want.

What will that be? My belief is we are creating our current chaos so that we may change our world to a better one where we are in harmony with each other and with our natural surroundings. It’s a big job all this change. And it doesn’t come incrementally. This is the punctuated disequilibrium that hastens great change in very short order. Not the first time this has happened to our world but the first change of such significance in 1000’s of years. Pretty cool that we’re here for it.

Much will be uncovered during this time. More of our true history will be revealed. The veils will fall from those who have tried to control humanity for their own ends. And this type will fall away from us, their time has passed.

We have some more rough spots ahead that will scare the bejesus out of us at times. Yet we’ll come together as one people and turn our world into a much better place for us all.

What the changes will bring is hard to know with any certainty at this time. At best we may be seeing some outlines. It feels like we are moving back towards smaller, more close-knit communities with greater interaction and support within these communities. Not the end of global communication or travel, but a definite switch away from the current globalized world were we are out of touch with so much of what is important. Return to community. Return to caring for others. Dropping of all the facade bullshit that currently consumes too much of people’s lives. Back to doing work that matters to you. On your schedule. More time for family and friends. WAY less BS.

This is a different way. And it is hard for people to imagine it and believe in it as it is so foreign from the world we’ve been conditioned to. Long established belief systems will crumble (to the horror of many and much wailing) and will be replaced with different ways. Ways better suited for us.

Yet it is coming. We see it everyday. We may not be fully bought into it yet but it glimmers on the edges. We can see it and feel it when we reject the fear-mongers trying to control us so they can stay in power.

It is happening. No stopping it. Scream and wail while the roller coaster runs. When the rides over we’re gonna think ‘OK, wild, glad I made it. Let’s go build our new world.’

Pioneers of the future.

And I feel fine.